I feel like I just woke up from one of those awesome dreams… you know the kind, when you wish you didn’t wake up. And in that moment of fogginess you’re not sure what’s reality and what’s part of the dream. So you spend a moment praying that what might be just a dream is actually reality. Yeah, that’s how I feel right about now.

But this is the real deal. I’m pretty certain that I’m not dreaming.

In fact, I just got an email with my flight itinerary. So unless my dreams have hacked my Gmail account, then I’m pretty certain this is actually happening.

I’m going back to Haiti!

And the team that I’m leading is totally rock-star status!

When I was in Haiti earlier this year with Help One Now, I was blown away with the multitude of stories that needed to be told. I’m a firm believer that stories can change the world. so Chris Marlow and I started talking about getting a crew of storytellers down there. The result is the first ever Help One Now Bloggers trip (October 8-12), and the people who’ve said yes to going on this trip blows my mind. Check it…

Umm… yeah. Even if you’re not familiar with some of these names, check them out. These guys (and ladies) are legit. One thing I can promise you is that the stories and images you’ll see coming out of this trip will be nothing short of breathtaking.

While I’ll spend a great deal of time on this trip simply in awe of the talent I’ll be surrounded with, the best part for me is that I’ll be getting back down to Haiti. The real rock stars are the friends I have down there who deal with more struggle in a single week than many of us deal with all year. Those are my heroes, and I can’t wait to rub shoulders with them again!

So follow the team on Twitter, check out our Twitter hashtag feed at #Help1Haiti, and visit our team’s trip page for all the latest updates. On the trip page, you’ll also learn about ways that you can get involved… like by sponsoring a child or having a Garage Sale 4 Orphans. You can even get badges to display on your blog that you’re following our team and help us spread the word!

Trust me. You won’t want to miss this one.

I’m still pinching myself.

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