in which i love winter

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snow kissed 2

I’m a summertime gal. Bring on the sun, the heat, the sweat. Let me rock on the porch with a glass of iced tea, sporting a pair of shorts and my Tigers T-shirt, inhaling the scent of petunias.

Or give me springtime, air heavy with the fragrance of lilacs, pregnant with new life, the first robin.

Or even autumn, ablaze with color, hand-plucked apples, the aroma of wood smoke.

But winter? It’s so long. And so cold. And messy.

But today… today is one of those days in which I love winter.

It’s the snow that spills like cotton confetti, swirls gentle, piles downy soft, fluffs underfoot.

It beckons me outside, and I stand in the center of a sacred silence.

snow kissed

And I can barely breathe for the beauty of it.

I remember that God orders the snow to blanket the earth (Job 37:6), spreads it like fleece (Psalm 147:16). He spreads this comforter before me, and it comforts me.

I think of a friend who suffers and pray for His comfort to surround her.

I tilt my face and let flakes settle on my tongue. Taste and see.

Winter must come before spring.

snow kiss 5

snow kissed 3

snow kiss 6

snow kissed 4

snow kiss 7

snow kiss 8

snow kiss 9


Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow . . .  Open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise. (Psalm 51)

Even in winter.


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Sandra Heska King
PRAY EDITOR "Once a nurse, always a nurse," they say. But now I spend my days with laptop and camera in tow as I look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. I'm a Michigan gal, mom to two, grandmom to two, and wife to one. My husband and I live on 50 acres in the same 150-plus-year-old farmhouse he grew up in. I love this quote by Mary Oliver, "Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." That's how I want to live. And I'm still learning how to be. Still.
Sandra Heska King

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  • Shelly Miller

    These photos are breathtaking Sandra, truly wonder on the page. A great way to wake up this morning. I often think that a wintering of the soul is where the deep work takes place for growth we see in the spring of life.

  • Sandra Heska King

    It *was* a world of wonder yesterday, Shelly. I’m glad I took time to drink it in. And yes, we all need a little wintering, from time to time. :)

  • Michelle Rinaldi Ortega

    Beautiful perspective, and I LOVE the first photo…I love the rest that winter brings…

  • Carrie

    Thank you, Sandy. I am in the south right now, but actually miss being at home in the cold and snow. After reading your post I understand why I am conflcted. Beauty is everywhere as well as His peace and joy.

  • Sandra Heska King

    Thank you, my friend. It was indeed a magical day. I’m going to try to hang on to that perspective today. It’s 2 degrees, and the birds will be hungry–meaning several trips to the feeders… the sunrise was just a tease… looks like more snow on the way.

  • Sandra Heska King

    Hi, Carrie. We lived in the south (Georgia and Florida) for a few years, and I loved it there. But there’s something about all four seasons. And, of course, in Michigan we sometimes get to experience them all within 24 hours. :)

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  • marthaorlando

    Gorgeous photos and lovely reflection, Sandy. Wish you could send some of that snow down to Georgia! :) Blessings!

  • Sandra Heska King

    I’ll trade you a bucket of snow for a bucket of peaches. :)

  • marthaorlando


  • Elizabeth Stewart

    Lovely, lovely photos!

  • SimplyDarlene

    And those Queen Anne’s Lace images depict how we curl tight & cling inward during winter… very fitting pictures.


  • Nancy Franson

    Since I landed in Pittsburgh over a week ago, it has been snowing almost non-stop. I feel as though I am walking, driving, and living within a snow globe. Fortunately, these folks know how to salt the living daylights out of roads and sidewalks.

    I am a big-time summer gal, too. Big. Time. And yet there is something this winter is teaching me this year, something to do with longing for new life.

  • Kathy

    Love the photos and the comment about the appearance of snow as a comforter that brings His comfort to us. I always remember that Jesus promised the “comforter” who would come to bring us His presence forever.

  • DeanneMoore

    Been a busy day and more to do but took a minute to click over here to the Dude’s place and I. took. a. deep. breath. Thank you, Sandy.

  • Amy L. Sullivan

    I would make these pics into a book if I could.

  • Sandra Heska King

    Thank you, Elizabeth. It was all more lovely in real life. :)

  • Sandra Heska King

    Inward and into Him–at least that’s would be the best clinging, yes?

  • Sandra Heska King

    In the waiting, Grandma… it’s almost time, but it’s almost time!

  • Sandra Heska King

    Thanks for reminding us of that, Kathy!

  • Sandra Heska King

    Glad you found time, Dea. Love to you.

  • Sandra Heska King


  • soulstops

    your words and photos make me love winter although I don’t see snow here unless I drive to it…Thanks, Sandra :)

  • Diane Bailey

    Sandra, that is beautiful. Winter must come before Spring…isn’t that the truth.

  • Megan Willome

    “He spreads this comforter before me, and it comforts me.”–that’s why I have to go to Colorado or somewhere in the winter, to get me some of that white comfort.

  • Patricia W Hunter

    So very beautiful, Sandy. You understand “whiter than snow” far more than I ever could. When it brings you comfort to remember that winter must come before spring, I find the same comfort in remembering that SUMMER must come before spring (the only other season we have down here. =))

  • Sandra Heska King

    Enjoy! I could pull out some photos that might make you think a little differently, though. ;)

  • Sandra Heska King

    Yep. And we can’t let those winters scare us because no matter how long they last, spring always comes.

  • Sandra Heska King

    We used to get a lot more snow back in the day, it seems. I remember my dad shoveling snow off roofs, climbing up a snowbank to a roof (with my sled), and my dad snowshowing tobogganed food to neighbors.

  • Sandra Heska King

    I remember feeling a lot colder sometimes there in winter than here…

  • Michelle DeRusha

    I am loving and appreciating the slower, quieter aspects of winter more and more, the older I get. Beautiful shots (and words), Sandy!

  • Patricia Spreng

    And today, we even had sunshine to go with it!! What a blessing, those soft winter wonder days and this beautiful capturing of yours. Hugs = )

  • Sandra Heska King

    The sun was gorgeous today. And more snow coming, I hear.

    Thank you. Hugs back. :)

  • Sandra Heska King

    I’m learning to love and appreciate it more, too, Michelle. And I’ve been thinking lately about the joy of playing in it as a child when we used to have tons more.

    And thank you. :)

  • Kris Camealy

    Oh my, Sandy, I always LOVE your bird photos, and this post is rich with a quiet beauty both in your words and images. That first image there, with the dried flowers in the snow, that one whispers cool grace to me, I am not a winter person myself, but this from you, helps me to appreciate it a little more today. ;)

  • soulstops

    Ha! I already know I would have a hard time with the cold…brr…it is good God put me where I can only reach snow if I drive ;)

  • Laura Boggess

    Sandy, these photos are just speaking something beautiful into my heart today. Just wow. I’m going back up to look again.

  • smoothstones

    Crazy about those top couple of photos!

  • Sandra Heska King

    Ahhh, thanks, Brandee. :)

  • Sandra Heska King

    ♥ ♥

  • Sandra Heska King

    Interesting… the older I get, the more I appreciate winter. Not so much in the child-like snowball-sled exuberant way, but in a quiet, gentle, giving-in way.

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