on listening to God’s voice [an interview with @mafeinberg]

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There’s so much noise in the world today that it can be difficult to remember what silence sounds like. And with all of this noise, it can also be difficult to clearly hear God’s voice.

Here’s the best example that I can think of to illustrate what I think ‘the noise’ looks like…

I’m on Twitter. Now imagine that God is on Twitter too, and that’s the channel He decided to use to communicate with us. But even as a follower of God, His tweets are going to appear in a stream of thousands of other tweets from other people. Sometimes I’ll miss a tweet, and other times I’ll catch one in the tweet-stream… probably because someone else re-tweeted it. Mixed in with all of that I’m blasted with thousands of other tweets with links to blog posts from people who are trying to tell me what they believe God is saying.

With all of that noise… how can I possibly clearly hear what God is saying to me?

In this next part of my conversation with Margaret Feinberg, I ask her why she thinks we have such a hard time listening…

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  1. there is a lot of truth in our need to be still if we want to hear from God. Unfortunately it is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life that we don’t take the time to be still.

    • we have such a hard time being still because we’ve become an ADD culture. we just cannot sit still long enough to actually hear His voice! so i totally agree, and sometimes wonder what it would take to actually get us to still ourselves long enough to listen…

  2. Rachel Slough

    Lots of good ideas here, and I like the twitter analogy. I think its also hard to know what we are listening for. What does God sound like?

    • totally agree that @mafeinberg:twitter shares some great, practical advice here. and regarding the question about what God sounds like… she actually talked about that a little bit in the last part of this interview (how God speaks to people), and in the book…

    • I have found once I get still and rid my mind of all the distracting thoughts, God speaks by a verse suddenly coming to mind. The first few times you may question is that really God? So test it. If it is scripture, look it up. Its his word so it is authentic, so act on it. Usually the scripture he provides like this will directly apply to a decision I have to make or something I am struggling with at the time. Once I have that word, it points a straight line for action.

      Hope that helps.


      • this is good advice… serious reflection on the Word of God is a great source of direction.

    • Almost forgot… but you’ve been selected as one of the random winners of a copy of this book! I’ll reach out via email to find out where you’d like me to send it. Congrats!

  3. “the preciousness of lingering”….I LOVE that phrase! 

    I adore Margaret and her expressions of God revelations. 

    • @mafeinberg:twitter has some of the best ways of saying things… it just resonates deeply…


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